Sept. 22, 2022

Adam Hamdy, the author of The Other Side of Night

On today's 96th Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm 101% jazzed to welcome THE Adam Hamdy, author of many epic thrillers, and the very latest The Other Side of Night.

In this show, Adam and I of course chat about the book, we refer to some of his other books, much different than this one, but we also veer off the beaten path. Several times.

And for me? Those "off the beaten path" moments are among my very favorite. Why? Because it's "real conversation" from two "dudes" who greatly admire one another and enjoy a good chat.

Adam also took this show a step further for me. How? He introduced me to not one, or two, but THREE other authors, none of whom I'd ever heard of before. They are:

  1. Anthony Horowitz, author of kids books, adult books, graphic novels and more. Link: https://anthonyhorowitz.com And yes, we're hoping to get him on TheThrillerZone Podcast.
  2. Rudolph "Rudy "Vrba, who wrote, "I Escaped from Auschwitz." Link: https://tinyurl.com/RudyVrbaBook
  3. Dean Buonomano, author of "Your Brain is a Time Machine." Link: https://tinyurl.com/BrainTimeMachine


Thank you, Adam. I've purchased two of the three, and have the third coming to my library soon.

There's more to unbox in this show, as Adam and I travel down the paths of several obscure topics, from our favorite vintage t-shirts, and why dudes like us enjoy buying several copies of a shirt we particularly adore.

We chat at length about his new home in Maritius, which is an African island in the Indian Ocean, about as far away from "standard civilization" as one can get. But that's grand, isn't it? Not to mention WAY cheaper to live. Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauritius

There's SO much solid, in-depth conversation that I implore you to lend your ears to the slightly-over-an-hour show. It's worth the time.

To learn more about Adam and his mad talents, go to: AdamHamdy.com

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Okay, I've gotta bounce, I've got some readin' to do. Until next time, I'm David Temple your host.

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