Oct. 8, 2021

Cyber Liability Consultant & Thriller Lover Sean O'Rourke

Anything with a number or a tech component that falls into Sean’s lane. He is our fearless CFO and keeps us on target and growing daily with our amazing accounting team and tells the rest of us yes or no when it comes to spending money (kicking the dirt). Because of his past life as the cofounder of Syzygy 3, Inc., a technology solutions and consulting firm, he is also our Cyber Liability guru. He comes to it from a unique angle as he knows the risks better than most since he’s seen it from the other side of the fence. He’s become kind of our Cyber Superhero (Batman being his favorite); he’s trained the rest of us on what not to click on and how to become more aware of our cyber surroundings and the evildoers that run amuck in Gotham and throughout the world!

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of The Thriller Zone…episode 22 to be exact, where my special guest is Sean O’Rourke, a Cyber Liability Consultant in New York.

Sean is also a close friend and avid Thriller movie lover—one of the reasons I asked him to join me to launch a new part of our show…where we discuss the best thriller tv shows, and in today’s case, movies…in the world.

Yes, we’re taking a slight detour today by having someone on who isn’t a thriller writer, but as I mentioned, we will be talking about our top ten favorite thriller films. More on that in a bit. Today’s talk is about Cyber security and the perils that await companies—as well as you and me. 

Oh, I wanted to share a quick thank you to all our new friends joining the show. According to our latest data, we have friends listening literally all over the world.

In fact, would you do me a quick favor and drop me a note to let me know what city and state or even country where you hear us? Do that and I’ll give a shout out on our next show. Our email is: TheThrillerZone@gmail.com

Okay, let’s get to it. Time to jump into The Thriller Zone!

* * * * * 

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