June 16, 2022

Don Bentley, author of Zero Hour

On today's 71st episode of TheThrillerZone, I'm honored to welcome back the multi-talented author of not only the Tom Clancy thriller #ZeroHour, but the #MattDrakeSeries of thrillers: Don Bentley.

Yes, Don joins The TZ for a healthy round of information dispersal, intriguing conversation about the military, epic thrillers, the Tom Clancy legacy, his masterful editor Tom Colgan, and so much more.

Sure, we cover his Matt Drake Series, which includes: #WithoutSanction, #TheOutsideMan, and #HostileIntent, but we also drill into his Tom Clancy thrillers, #TargetAcquired and his latest, #ZeroHour. We also talk writing tools, ball-caps vs. Stetsons, Cowboy boots, ribs 'n beer, guns 'n knives, helicopters and vacation spots.

That's right, you can't get this sort of entertainment just ANYwhere!

Don also sheds some healthy insights and pearls of wisdom about what it takes to make it as a successful writer today. "You have to know and respect the business," Don says. "Because if you don't give the audience what they want, you'll have a tough time selling your books."

When Don quotes the world-famous Stephen King, and shares King's take on "the blue collar part and the magic part" of successful writing, well I, along with most all my friends whom are writers, perked up and listened to the promo on Twitter that provided a sneak peek into what was to come on today's show.

Bentley was premiered on my show last August ('21), and I'm thrilled to have him back. Side note, THIS Don Bentley has seasoned and grown wiser with age (and page count), and I for one just lapped up his words-of-wisdom; as I'm sure you will too.

Kick back and enjoy our talk about #ThrillerFest and the magic of #writingcommunity and attending #writingconferences, as well as practices you can incorporate into your work every day.

Lastly, we do our fair amount of name dropping; not to impress you, but to simply share some of the insights of those whom have led the way. They include: Mark Greaney, Nick Petrie, Don Winslow, Brad Taylor, Andrews & Wilson, Chris Hauty, Eric Bishop & Steve Stratton, to name a few.

If you'd like to dig deeper, and perhaps pick up one (or more) of Don's books, go to: DonBentleyBooks.com, and be sure to FOLLOW him on both Twitter & Facebook @bentleydonb.

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Thanks for listening. Thanks for subscribing. And thanks for being such a terrific audience who supports those of us who love podcasting.

I'm David Temple your host, and I'll see you next time for another episode of The Thriller Zone!

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