Aug. 20, 2021

New York Times Bestselling Author Don Bentley

Hi David Temple the host of The Thriller Zone podcast, and today I’m happy to welcome New York Times Bestselling author Don Bentley to the show. 

Don is one of those brave Americans who has served his country in several ways, and who—along with his wife—has managed to build professions while raising three children--while still finding the time to craft the non-stop action of the Matt Drake Series, and the Tom Clancy Thriller, Target Acquired.

On today’s show, Don will share his lessons on perseverance, what it’s like to be an FBI agent, a SWAT Team member, and an Apache helicopter pilot, and besides showing us some of his strategic moves, will offer his best advice on how to craft a career as a writer.

Now, I think it’s time to get in The Thriller Zone!

* * * * * 

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