Oct. 6, 2022

Riley Sager, author of The House Across The Lake

On today's 98th episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome New York Times Bestselling Author, Riley Sager.

Riley is the mastermind behind The House Across The Lake, a thriller with "A Hitchcockian premise that is given an exciting new spin," according to NYT Bestselling author, Alex Michaelides, author of The Silent Patient.

On today's show, Riley and I dig deep into what makes a thriller such a page-turner, and--without giving away any secrets--discuss some of the tricks to crafting a novel people will talk about for months after its release.

I met Riley at Thrillerfest in New York, where I heard him speak on a panel of authors. He gave solid advice to that crowd, and he shares even more solid advice on today's podcast.

My favorite moment comes when Riley shares the nearly fantastical and thoroughly random story of how Stephen King came to read this book, and turn around to write a blurb that Riley says, "literally changed my life overnight."

To learn more, visit: RileySagerBooks.com, and follow him on Twitter @riley_sager.

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David Temple, host of TheThrillerZone.com

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