Oct. 31, 2022

Samantha "Sam" Bailey, author of Watch Out For Her

On today's 103rd Episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm pleased (and laughing already) to have the super talent Samantha "You Can Call Her Sam" Bailey to talk about her thriller Watch Out For Her.

Sam and I have a "hoot'n a half" as we dive into the writing process, crafting "commercial fiction," what it takes and HOW LONG it takes to make a hit, and much more.

Several "special mentions" include: Amina Akhtar (if you're watching, you'll enjoy the easter eggs in the video), her sidekick Mr. Beanie, and the talking crows.

To learn more about Sam visit: SamanthaMBailey.ca; that stands for Canada. You know she's from Toronto, eh?

I hope you enjoy the show, I hope you'll share with a friend, and I hope you'll join us again for another Thriller Zone next week at TheThrillerZone.com

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