June 23, 2022

Steve Stratton, author of Shadow Tier

Today's 72nd episode of The Thriller Zone welcomes debut author Steve Stratton to the podcast.

With an illustrious and varied career, which includes working at The White House alongside both Presidents Ford and Carter, as well as working inside The Secret Service, Steve brings authenticity to his debut work in "Shadow Tier."

On today's show, we begin by catching up after having spent time together in New York at this year's Thrillerfest. Steve walked away with terrific education, solid contacts, and strong input from some power agents.

We also discuss the craft of writing, the business of publishing, and what it takes to survive in the author landscape.

I'm happy Steve has agreed to be a part of our Discovering New Author Series, and I think he's got a terrific career ahead of him.

To learn more, visit: SteveStrattonUSA.com, and follow him on Twitter @strattonbooks and on Instagram @stevestrattonusa.

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