Sept. 3, 2021

The Dynamic Writing Duo of Andrews-Wilson

Hello and welcome to The Thriller Zone, I’m your host David Temple. On today’s show I’m thrilled to welcome the dynamic duo of Andrews-Wilson.

Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson are both Navy Veterans and the writing team behind: The Tier One, The Shepherds and WEB Griffin’s Presidential Agent Series, PLUS the upcoming DARK INTERCEPT.

When not raising their families—in separate states, no less—these best friends are writing not one…but four books a year. And with no signs of slowing down.

They’ve learned some lessons the hard way, but others, they seem to have mastered. Listen as they share insights about the writing business, about several outside interests which benefit a good many veteran organizations, AND impart their wisdom on what it takes to live up to your dreams.

Please welcome my friends Brian & Jeff, as we get in THE THRILLER ZONE.


Some of the people Brian & Jeff work alongside that I and my team at The Thriller Zone are happy to both welcome to our thrilling space, as well as endorse (although we have yet to truly test each one of the products in the most efficient manner):

  • Bonefrog Coffee & Cellars
  • Blackstone Publishing
  • Tyndale House Publishing
  • Thomas-Mercer Publishing
  • FoldsOfHonor.org
  • SealLegacy.org
  • Tom Colgan at LitRejections.com (DT's bucket list: Get TC to edit his next book)
  • John Rich & his "righteous hooch" known as "Redneck Riviera Whiskey" and the (now) World-Famous "Andrews-Wilson Sons of Valor Craft Cocktail"
  • Kris Paronto and his wickedly good "Tanto Craft Vodka"
  • Nate Bargetzi, the comedian
  • Mason Veloz and his music

Learn more about my talented friends at: https://Andrews-Wilson.com

Learn more about us at: TheThrillerZone.com & DavidTempleBooks.com

PS and in the interest of not getting sued: We took "Creative Liberties" when designing the "Bonefrog Craft Brew" logo...as we thought it was cool, and secretly we want to be in on the development, especially since we love craft beer and live in its Capital.


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