Aug. 31, 2021

The Thriller Zone Bonus Podcast #4 featuring: The Poser Audiobook

The Thriller Zone Bonus Podcast #4 featuring: The Poser Audiobook

Welcome to the fourth & final BONUS EPISODE of The Thriller Zone Podcast, featuring The Poser.

As you may know by now, earlier this month, I decided to offer some additional thriller entertainment to my listeners with a work of my own. 

Last year I released the mystery/thriller The Poser, based upon my character, Hollywood Detective Pat Norelli, and shortly after, I released the audiobook (available here).

And thus sprung the idea...which is simple & free! 

For this last Tuesday of August, you can enjoy the audiobook in this last of four, 25-chapter long sections. 

If you’ve been following along, then you know that each audiobook portion is around 2 hours, making the entire book just under 9 hours. 

So, prepare for your long drive or cross-country flight, and whether it's an all-nighter, or a leisurely walk, kick back and enjoy the final 25 chapters of The Poser, starring rookie Detective Pat Norelli; chapters 76-98, to be exact.

By the way, while this audiobook is free for you and to share with friends, I'd only ask that you not "copy & repurpose for your financial gain." 

One Last Thing: IF you downloaded any portion of this audiobook and enjoyed the experience, it would mean the world to me to get a note from you sharing your experience. Often creators spend countless hours in seclusion writing books and crafting audiobooks, and it’s just nice to know that someone is listening…and enjoying all the hard work. 

So, if that's you, please go to my website and leave a note on my Contact page, or go to my Twitter page, and leave a quick note. I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you again & I hope you enjoy The Poser.


* * * * * 

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