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Nov. 22, 2021

Wanda M. Morris, author of All Her Little Secrets

Do you enjoy thrillers that offer more than guns and chases? Stories that have a tapestry woven with family and corporate drama? Then you’ll love ALL HER LITTLE SECRETS by debut author Wanda M. Morris.

Wanda weaves an elegantly taut thriller full of artfully crafted characters, in a story that had me feeling for the family, as I raced to the end. That’s how much I enjoyed this book.

Wanda tells me she is thrilled to be recognized as an overnight success…even though it took her 13 years.

If you’re a writer, you’ll appreciate Wanda’s insights into the process of creating a career in this business.

As an alumna of the Yale Writers’ Workshop, a member of Sisters in Crime & Mystery Writers of America, and someone who is still a practicing attorney in Atlanta…when she’s not working on her next book, please welcome the gracious and talented Wanda M. Morris.

Web: WandaMorriswrites.com
Twitter: @wandamo14
Instagram: wandamowrites
Facebook: wandamorriswriter

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