July 11, 2022

Jane Friedman, author of The Business of Being a Writer

On today's 75th and Bonus Episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome Publishing Guru and author of The Business of Being a Writer, Jane Friedman.

For those familiar with her work, Jane brings a vast knowledge of one of the key aspects of writing that many authors either don't know much about, or know about but have little grasp of, or are familiar with parts of the business of writing, but could use more info.

Jane is your perfect connection to all that. And more. Having worked in book publishing since the 1990s, Jane understands how to instruct those of us who could use a bit more than just a primer on business tactics.

I believe you'll pick up some pointers in this podcast, but the real magic will come from her book, The Business of Being a Writer.

To learn more, visit: JaneFriedman.com, and Follow her on both Twitter and Instagram @janefriedman.

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