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Adam Hamdy was a treat!

What an insightful, down-to-earth individual. The 'off the beaten path' conversation made it real. What a great discussion.

Great Give and Take

Appreciate the genuineness of both David and Adam, along with the give and take. It's great to learn about authors and their motivations, insights and stories. Looking forward to reading THE OTHER SIDE OF NIGHT.

David Pepper

David clearly knows what constitutes a "winning" novel. It's twofold: 1. A great story with 2. Relatable characters. If novice authors focused on these 2 simple goals, their first novel would not be such a daunting task!

Love the Author’s Perspective

I appreciate hearing about books from the author’s perspective, and the interview with David Pepper provided that insight. Appreciate hearing about authors I’m not familiar with to help me determine what to read.

Another Gem of an interview

So much good insight from an industry pro!!!

Narration of Novels

Kudos!! Your interview with Scott Brick was a rare opportunity to experience the craft of a long time book narrator. His insights were invaluable.

Must Watch with David & Nick Petrie

Excellent interview as usual for David and sage advice from Nick! FIVE STARS A must watch for writers and fans of Peter Ash! @_NickPetrie_ @TheThrillerZone

Meg Gardiner

Your discussion with Meg intrigued me to the point that I watched (for the first time) the film "Heat." It was a masterpiece! The purchase of the novel "Heat 2" is now the next item on my agenda. The adventure continues.

Sarah Pearse

It was an absolute FANTASTIC interview. You hit it out of the ball park with the variety of questions (literary and personal) and your ability to actually listen which is a rare quality in most podcasts. Your effort is greatly appreciated. I look forward to your next guest

Best new-ish podcast ever

It’s been years since I was an obsessive reader of mystery/thriller novels, but The Thriller Zone has revived my addiction. I’m ordering too many books, but I can’t help it. The authors interviewed are too interesting, the conversations led by host David Temple too engaging. I blame him.

Very enjoyable and worthwhile!

I recently watched David's interview with Dean Koontz and I thought it was excellent. David brought great enthusiasm to the discussion and I thoroughly enjoyed their exchange of ideas. My only wish is that it could have been longer, as I could have listened to a discussion of theirs for hours. Highly recommended!

Finally found my thriller podcast!

Just a note to say how much I enjoy your work. I finally found a podcast for thriller fans and writers that is professional, informative and to the point. I am a debut author (political thrillers) due to be published spring of 2023. Thank you for a great program.

Congratulations on First Anniversary

Congratulations to one of my favorite podcasts and go to source for the what’s happening now in the world of writers. Dave’s brand of questions bring out great information and a source of fun for his guests. Great job! The continued best to @davetemple and the @thethrillerzone !!

Top Shelf Podcast

This is the best listen for fans of thrillers, books, and podcasts in general. David Temple provides insight into the work and entertainment for the listener, all while providing space for the guest to get into the action. I’m an avid listener and occasional guest who will come back as often as he’ll have me!

Frank Zafiro!

Great interview -- perfect mix of information about the book and fun!

John Gilstrap interview

Wide-ranging topics, all interesting and told in an entertaining fashion. Great for serious writers.

Fascinating, funny, and engaging

I just listened to your interview with Stephen Hunter and it was really great. He's funny and very engaging and so are you. So many podcasters are terrible broadcasters, so it's really refreshing to have someone who knows what they're doing on the mic.

This podcast rocks!

The Thriller Zone is a must-hear for all die-hard thriller fans.

One of my favorite authors!

I love a good Ted Bell novel, and I very much enjoyed the podcast. Especially, the advice Ted gives to new writers!

Enjoying the Insights

That's the key takeaway from every episode - just learning how to be a writer. Each process is different, but there is always a process. That helps when you don't think you're making progress.

Best interviews!

One thing that keeps me coming back to this, in addition to David Temple's easygoing, fun/ny, and friendly style, is that he asks questions that go beyond "why do you write what do you write how do you write." The what, why, and how are interesting, too, of course, and he does ask those questions, but it's equally interesting to me to hear what the authors have to say about whatever random thing Temple asks them about. (I also enjoy his tendency to say, "I hate to do this, but I'm gonna.")

A Must Listen Podcast

Not usually a podcast listener, but having listened to The Thriller Zone and the interview with Nicole Baart, I am hooked! David’s line of questions is both entertaining and insightful. Am now a subscriber!

A must-listen!

For lovers of mysteries and thrillers, David Temple’s The Thriller Zone is an amazing resource! Five out of Five stars!

Great interviews! Engaging authors. I walk away having learned something new every time.