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This podcast rocks!

The Thriller Zone is a must-hear for all die-hard thriller fans.

One of my favorite authors!

I love a good Ted Bell novel, and I very much enjoyed the podcast. Especially, the advice Ted gives to new writers!

Enjoying the Insights

That's the key takeaway from every episode - just learning how to be a writer. Each process is different, but there is always a process. That helps when you don't think you're making progress.

Best interviews!

One thing that keeps me coming back to this, in addition to David Temple's easygoing, fun/ny, and friendly style, is that he asks questions that go beyond "why do you write what do you write how do you write." The what, why, and how are interesting, too, of course, and he does ask those questions, but it's equally interesting to me to hear what the authors have to say about whatever random thing Temple asks them about. (I also enjoy his tendency to say, "I hate to do this, but I'm gonna.")

A Must Listen Podcast

Not usually a podcast listener, but having listened to The Thriller Zone and the interview with Nicole Baart, I am hooked! David’s line of questions is both entertaining and insightful. Am now a subscriber!

A must-listen!

For lovers of mysteries and thrillers, David Temple’s The Thriller Zone is an amazing resource! Five out of Five stars!

Great interviews! Engaging authors. I walk away having learned something new every time.